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Writing Paragraph

I need support with this Writing question so I can learn better.

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Writing Paragraph
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Rubic –Read the assignment below. Plan your paragraph before you write by pre-writing and outlining. This paragraph should be a minimum of 150-200 words and should have a strong topic sentence. It should be well-developed with supporting details. Do not use any outside information to write this paragraph.


In a correctly formatted paragraph, describe your ideal life 15 years from now. What is something you can do every day to reach that goal? Be sure to have a clear topic sentence; avoid phrases such as “I think,” or “I feel.” Do not use “you.” Remember to give examples to support your topic sentence.


Do you have the proper heading?

Is your paper in the correct format?

Do you have a title that reflects what you are writing about (not the topic)?

Do you have the required number of words?

Is your topic sentence clearly stated at the beginning of your paragraph?

Did you proofread carefully?

Have you avoided using “you”?

Did you include all parts of a well-constructed paragraph?

Did you use proper grammar?

Did you punctuate correctly?

Hello tutor, thanks for you help! Above I have included the rubic and assignment.

Here I will include my ideal life in 15 years and thoughts that I need the paragraph written about.

*I will be 47 years old in 15 years. I get anxiety thinking about aging at any point in my life. It scares me.

* I hope to have obtained my nursing degree, that I am currently working towards, and working as a flight nurse with Air Evac. I have always loved caring for others its my passion in life.

* I hope to be traveling with my husband to our dream vacation places, such has Hawaii and Bahamas.

* Our 5 boys will be grown and living their own life, possibly married and have children of their own. Which would make us grandparents.

* I hope to have at least one grand daughter. Since I had all boys!

* Foremost, I pray that my family and myself are all in great health, and living our best life and dreams!

* I also to pray to be living anxiety free, this is something I struggle with on a daily basis.

* Something I can do each day to reach the goals, Is to never stop working hard to achieve what I set out for in life.

I hope this information helps you out, to be able to throw all these thoughts I have pre-written together to make me a paragraph. I struggle with writing these things. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks so much!! Just make sure to have good grammar, and punctuate correctly as needed, my instructor counts off a lot of points for not including commas where needed and run-ons and ect….